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Welcome to MI-NUCLEUS

MI-NUCLEUS is an innovative and game-changing solution that will transform energy-consumption of houses and buildings. Our revolutionary approach empowers owners with unprecedented control over your energy usage while also helping you save on costs in terms of money and environmental footprint.

MI-NUCLEUS delivers the hard- and software to provide real-time insights into and control over your energy consumption. With our platform, we allow you to make informed decisions about when and how you use energy, or do that automatically for you, optimizing your usage patterns to minimize expenses.

More About Us

At MI-NUCLEUS, we are driven by a passion for innovation and sustainability. We are dedicated to creating a future where energy consumption is efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable. We believe that by putting the power in your hands, we can collectively make a significant impact on both your bills and the environment.

Join the Revolution

Ready to take control of your energy usage? Join the MI-NUCLEUS revolution today and embark on a journey towards a greener and more cost-effective future. Our user-friendly platform and personalized insights will empower you to make smarter energy choices, reduce waste, and contribute to a sustainable planet.

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Discover the Power of MI-NUCLEUS.

Detailed and Unique Insights

Gain unparalleled visibility into your energy consumption. Connect up to eight different power groups in your utility closet and extend with unlimited wifi-enabled devices to get detailed insights into energy production and usage of individual devices, giving you granular control over your energy efficiency.

Strategic Energy Storage and Consumption

With MI-NUCLEUS, energy storage becomes a strategic advantage. Seamlessly incorporate a battery into your system, enabling you to let MI-NUCLEUS store excess energy during off-peak hours and optimize your usage during peak times, ultimately reducing your energy bills.

Dual-Meter Intelligence

Elevate your energy savings with the power of dual-meter technology. MI-NUCLEUS allows seamless switching different power groups between different meters and suppliers based on real-time energy pricing. This ensures you're always tapping into the most economical energy source.

Cost and Eco-Friendly Automation

Make eco-conscious choices effortlessly. MI-NUCLEUS can intelligently regulate energy-intensive appliances like heat pumps and jacuzzis, ensuring they operate during the most economically and environmentally favorable moments.

Usage and Cost-Savings Alerts

Uncover hidden patterns and potential savings with MI-NUCLEUS's advanced insights. Receive alerts for unusual usage patterns and suggestions for product replacement, enabling you to make informed decisions and further optimize your energy consumption.

Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

Bid farewell to vendor lock-in. MI-NUCLEUS is designed to liberate you from energy management solutions that are tied to your solar panels, battery system, or charging station. Take control of your energy destiny without being tied to a specific provider.

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